Правила предоставления гостиничных услуг


These rules are implemented in the “Severnaya” Hotel and are developed in accordance with:
• “Consumer Protection Law” of the Russian Federation introduced on February 7, 1992. N 2300-I
• Decree of the RF Government introduced on April 25, 1997 № 490 (amended by Decree of the RF Government introduced on 02.10.1999 №1104, 15.09.2000 №693, and 01.02.2005 №49) “On Introduction of hotel rules in the Russian Federation”;
• Classification system of hotels and other means of accommodation, including ski trails and beaches, established by the Decree of the Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of Russia № 35, introduced on January 25, 2011; State Standard 51185-2008 “Tourist services. Means of accommodation. General requirements”.

I. Key terms and conditions of accommodation

II. Reservation

III. Payment

IV. Obligations of gusests and Hotel

I. Key terms and conditions of accommodation

Hotel - “Severnaya” Hotel, address: 185035, Petrozavodsk, Lenin prospect, 21
Guest – Hotel service customer;
Hotel working hours - 24 hours a day;
Check-in time – 14:00.
Check-out time – 12:00.

Hotel services are provided to Guests having ID and upon complete payment of hotel services for the whole period of stay. Reception staff is responsible for check-in formalities. If Guests don't have required documents the Hotel has the right to deny accommodation. If the Hotel has spare rooms Guests can be accommodated before check-in time without extra-payment. Upon reservation or checking-in Guests choose the room category and the Hotel chooses the concrete room of that category. Upon availability of spare rooms one Guest can occupy double or triple room, paying for the whole room. The Hotel has the right to deny accommodation to people under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

II. Reservation

Preliminary booking (Reservation) of hotel accommodation is arranged through phone call or fax/e-mail to Reservation department. Reserved hotel accommodation can be cancelled by Guests in a written form (fax/e-mail) or via phone, if nothing else is required by reservation terms.
Hotel accommodation is guaranteed by complete or partial (for the first day of your stay) payment of reserved services. If reserved accommodation is not prepaid reservation is cancelled at 18:00 of the day of supposed check-in. Accommodation of Guests after 18:00 is possible upon availability of spare rooms in the Hotel. If reserved accommodation is prepaid Guests are accommodated in accordance with preliminary reservation and with the Hotel rules. Such reservation can not be cancelled till 12:00 of the day after the check-in day (agreed upon during preliminary reservation). In case the Guest having paid accommodation preliminary does not come in check-in day and does not cancel the reservation or cancels it later than one day before the check-in day (after 14:00 of the day before check-in day, local time), preliminary payment for the first day of accommodation is not refunded and reservation is cancelled. If the Guest is late for more than one day in case of prepaid reservation, the Hotel charges payment for room standing time but not more than for one day. If the Guest is late for more than one day the reservation is cancelled. In this case the Guest can be accommodated in the Hotel upon availability of rooms.

III. Payment

Payment for accommodation and additional services provided by the Hotel is realized in accordance with the price-list established by the Manager of “Severnaya” Ltd. Payment can be made in cash to the cash-desk of the Hotel, with credit cards or through transfer to the Hotel bank account. Accommodation is provided upon complete payment for services. Payment is charged in accordance with check-in and check-out time established in the Hotel rules.
Children under 6 are accommodated free-of-charge. Upon request Guests are provided with additional kid beds for children under 3 without extra payment. Additional bed is provided to children from 6 till 14 in accordance with the hotel price-list.
The room can be provided earlier than check-in time without extra charge (upon availability of rooms). Additional breakfast is to be paid for according to the price-list.
In case the Guest checks in at 00:00 and stays for less than 24 hours, the payment is charged for the whole day.
In case of late checking-out the Hotel charges extra payment:
In 6-12 hours after check-out time -50% of a day room price.
In 12-24 hours after check-out time - 100% of a day room price (if no hourly charge is suggested).
In case the Guest stays for less than 24 hours, the payment is charged for the whole day.
The Hotel can change check-in time due to local specifics.

Period of stay in the Hotel can be prolonged at the reception in case of availability of rooms. The Guest should inform the reception about prolongation not later than two hours before check-out time, otherwise the hotel can ask the Guest to move to another room or deny accommodation. The period of stay can be prolonged for not fewer than 24 hours with obligatory advanced payment for the whole prolonged period.

Upon request the Hotel can provide additional bed in the room. Payment for additional bed is charged according to the Price-list.

Additional services provided by the Hotel are to be paid for in accordance with the Price-lists. Information about additional services and their price is provided by the reception.

In case of cancellations of accommodation within one hour after checking-in and in case the Guest hasn't used the room, the sum paid for the room is refunded. If the Guest has used the room and (or) informed on cancellation of stay later than in an hour after checking-in, payment for the first day of accommodation is not refunded. In case of check-out earlier than the end of prepaid period of stay payment is charged for actual period of stay and additional services provided. Extra sum, paid in advance, is refunded.

Services provided free of charge:
• Emergency call;
• Use of medical kit (completed in accordance with the Decree of the Russian Ministry of Public Health and Social Development № 169н issued on March 05, 2011);
• Wake-up call;
• Taxi call;
• Information on train and airplane time-table;
• Mail delivery;
• Boiled water, a needle and cotton, set of dishware and flatware;
• Information on city transportation, sightseeing, shops and restaurants.

IV. Obligations of gusests and Hotel

Guests are obliged to:
• Maintain order and tidiness;
• Maintain quietness;
• Follow fire safety rules;
• Before leaving the room – shut off taps, close the windows, switch off the light and other electric appliances;
• Leave the Hotel upon the end of prepaid period of stay;
• Pay for local, distant and international calls;
• Smoke only in smoking areas;
• Provide access to the room to Hotel staff at least once in three days for cleaning and linen change;
• In case of loss or damage of Hotel property – pay compensation as prescribed by law. Amount of compensation is defined in accordance with the “Hotel list of material asserts to be compensated in case of causing material damage to the company”.

In the Hotel it is forbidden to:
• Let other people stay in the room in your absence;
• Pass the room key or a guest card to any other people;
• Invite other people (not Hotel guests) to the room after 23:00. The Guests can invite others to the room from 8:00 till 23:00, the Guest takes responsibility that invited people leave the Hotel in time and observe the Hotel rules. After 23:00 invited people should leave the Hotel or officially get accommodated in the Hotel;
• Bring birds and animals into the room without preliminary agreement with the Hotel management;
• Store in the room large things (big boxes should be kept in the Hotel luggage room), inflammable, toxic materials, weapons.
• Use electric heaters, except those the room is equipped with;
• Move the furniture without preliminary approval of the Hotel management;
• Take away Hotel property;
• Smoke
• Disturb other hotel Guests;
• Take away towels from the room. On request the Guests can pay for them at the reception.
• Openly carry any kind of civil, duty or combat weapon, including the case when the Guest is in change of his or her functions;
• Drink alcohol and eat in public areas of the Hotel (lobby) .

The Hotel is obliged to:
• Provide announced quality of Hotel services;
• Provide complete information on Hotel services, their price and form of payment for them, provide information in rooms in “Guest information folder” and at the reception;
• Provide each room with the Hotel rules, fire safety instructions and rules of electric appliances use;
• Upon request provide the book of complaints and suggestions which can be found at the reception;
• Linen and towels are changed in suites every day, in luxury rooms and junior-suites linen is changed every other day and towels are changed every day, in rooms of other categories linen is changed once in three days and towels are changed every day (upon request unscheduled linen and towel change can be provided at extra cost).
• Examine all complaints and applications of the Guests, assume measures on their satisfaction.

Additional information

In case of rooms availability priority in accommodation is given to:
• Heroes of the Russian Federation and the Soviet Union, full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory;
• Participants of the Great Patriotic War;
• People with disabilities of the first, second and third group and people accompanying them;

Upon the end of the period of stay and in case the Guest is out of the room after 15:00 of the check-out day (if the period of stay is not prolonged and prepaid), the Hotel management organizes commission and conducts an inventory of Guests property left in the room. Material values such as cash, precious metals, valuable documents are kept in safety deposit box at the Luggage room, other property is kept in the Luggage room.

In accordance with the Civil code of the Russian Federation:
• The Hotel is responsible for loss and damage of property brought into the Hotel except money and other currency values, stock and other valuable property;
• Property is considered to be brought into the Hotel if it is given for keeping to Hotel staff, or if it is kept in the hotel room or other appropriate place;
• The Hotel is responsible for the loss of money, other currency values, stock and other valuable property of the Guest in case they were taken by the Hotel for safekeeping or were put into provided safe deposit box not depending on whether the safe box is situated in the room or in some other place of the Hotel;
• The Hotel is not responsible for the safety of property in the safety deposit box in case the Hotel can prove that access to it was not possible without the Guest or became possible due to force-majeure circumstances;
The Guest discovering loss or damage of his or her property should immediately inform the Hotel management on that. Otherwise the Hotel denies responsibility for property safety. In case the Guest's property left behind is found, the Hotel informs the Guest about that if the owner of the property is defined. The Hotel keeps the property left behind for 3 months. Valuables and money are kept for one year.

The Guest is aware of and agrees on use of video control system in the Hotel (except rooms and bathrooms).

In case of conflicts the Guest and the Hotel resolve them in accordance with the Russian Consumer Protection Law and Decree of the RF Government introduced on April 25, 1997 № 490 “On Introduction of hotel rules in Russian Federation”.