At the beginning of the XX century Petrozavodsk could offer accommodation only in separate lodging houses, but in 1930-s the city administration decided to build a big an comfortable hotel in the center of the city. The crossing of Lenin and Engels streets was chosen for building a hotel of 182 rooms. Architect Yury Rusanov was the author of the project. The building process began in 1934..


On March 1, 1939 the hotel “Severnaya” started to work. It accepted clients till November 1941, but air attacks disabled its work and by the end of the war the hotel was almost completely ruined. In 1945 it was decided to reconstruct the hotel “Severnaya”. Architect Konstantin Gutin became the author of a new project. On June, 26, 1948 the hotel again opened its doors for the guests.


Within the years of its work the hotel has provided accommodation for hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. And the restaurant with its incomparable cuisine and high quality service has become a favorite entertainment spot for citizens and guests of Petrozavodsk.


New administration is striving to promote a hotel complex to a new level of service: hotel rooms become more comfortable, there were installed new elevators, utility systems were reconstructed, two brand new conference rooms were constructed and equipped. The hotel now also provides a special room for newlyweds - romantic interior and pleasant surprises from the hotel will help the newlyweds remember this important day of their lives forever!

The interior of the restaurant and café has also changed a lot, and a new menu will surprise even the most demanding public. The restaurant now also has its own private brewery.

It should be mentioned that “Severnaya”" was also an office-center for successful business, many well-known and respected companies have opened their offices in hotel complex, for example "Sberbank ", "Ingosstrakh" travel agency "Karelia-Lines", and many others.
Over the years the hotel "Severnaya" has been a central hotel in Petrozavodsk, and still it remains the adornment of our city and its architectural landmark. We have a lot of plans and projects for the future, and, we hope, also many achievements and victories!

Ресторан Малый зал Офис